Wonder Wonder: “Shark”

There’s not a lot known about London duo Wonder Wonder. Their social media profiles simply say, “writing duo, releasing one song a month for the next year.” It’s a simple and ambitious project, and we’re only on the second month, so there’s plenty of time to catch up and follow along for the rest of the action. “Shark” is their latest, and it’s a great piece of dark pop music. Like “Body Gold,” the first track in this series, “Shark” features their vocals, both distorted and lo-fi, singing together throughout most of the song. Underneath their wandering melodies is a bed of electronic beats and warm keyboard chords. The chorus is particularly catchy, but it’s really the overall sound that is so intoxicating with “Shark.”

Be sure to check back in with Wonder Wonder at the beginning of each month for a brand new song.

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