Grace: “Pluto”

It’s been eight years since the International Astronomical Union demoted the celestial body known as Pluto from its classification as a planet, leaving school children everywhere wondering what, exactly, My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine of. But the issue has come back into the news lately after the chair of the IAU Planet Definition Committee, Harvard science historian Owen Gingerich, argued that “a planet is a culturally defined word that changes over time,” and that Pluto is a planet. Is it a planet, is it not a planet? What we know for sure is that it’s the name of Australian newcomer Grace‘s first official single. Produced by TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, the track is a sparse electronic landscape of jagged percussion and cold synths. Grace’s powerful, otherworldly (Plutonian?) vocals drive the song, adding a haunting charm to the dark, minimal production.

“Pluto” will be available on October 17, but you can pre-oder the track on iTunes right now.

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