Django Django’s Part Documentary, Part Music Video “WOR” Is an Exposé to the World of Indian Stunt Cyclists

The trend of documentaries masquerading as music videos has been growing over the past few years, the most noticeable examples being Flying Lotus’s video for “Wildcat.” Directed by Jim Demuth, this 2013 video from Django Django captures the infamous Indian Well of Death, an arena where cyclists and motorists drive on the walls of a deadly arena. The documentary splices in interview clips alongside Django Django’s score, creating a cohesive experience that fools you into thinking you’re not watching a music video. In fact, back when the video was first released, a few disgruntled Django Django fans didn’t think the video focused on the song enough. However, the idea to focus the video on the Indian cyclists was the band’s idea. We’re with the band on this one.

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