Enter a World of Horror in JiEun Ha’s “Void’s Enigmatic Mansion”

Enter a World of Horror in JiEun Ha’s “Void’s Enigmatic Mansion”

JiEun Ha’s horror manga Void’s Enigmatic Mansion is the perfect Halloween read. In the story, a mysterious man named Mr. Void owns a spectacularly creepy house on 6 Roland Street and resides on the seventh floor. While most of the tenants think he’s just an eccentric landlord, what they don’t realize is that he has the power to grant all of their wishes. However, their stories start to become interconnected when all of their secret desires begin to come true.

While the manga does have elements of supernatural horror, what’s more terrifying is the realization that the oft-repeated advice “Be careful what you wish for” is true. There’s also a sense of mystery as you attempt to figure out how all the tenant’s stories are entwined with each other’s and Mr. Void. While the manga can be read individually, there are hints of a wider plot that will bring the story full circle in the end.

Finally, HeeEun Kim’s beautiful artwork is startlingly colorful, which makes an interesting juxtaposition for the creepy tone of the manga. However, while some readers may find Kim’s art a little too cheery, the bright colors help bring the characters to life in vivid detail.

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