“Justice Renegade” Imagines What Police Brutality Would Look Like as a Horrific Video Game

Visual artist/musician Scott T. Mallory Jr.‘s recent piece tackles the controversial subject of police brutality, a topic that has reemerged in the press lately in light of recent cases where police have used excessive force (if not flat out murder) against citizens. But reading article after article about police shootings tends to numb the usually apathetic public. Sometimes something more starkly horrific is needed, which is what Mallory’s Justice Renegade delivers. In the video, he frames “police brutality” as a retro video game, one where you can choose which weapon to assault/murder suspects with and are only penalized with paid leave.

Mallory says the idea to frame the topic as a video game was done to act “as an entry point for the audience to embody the mindset and tastes of indulgent and suspectedly prejudiced police who carry out their jobs as if they were playing a game.” The video’s pitch black humor works horrifically well, lampooning both the ridiculousness of renegade cops and showing the atrocities their victims face. Warning: quite graphic.

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