“MyDay / YourDay” Shows the Striking Difference Between Prison Life and Real Life

There are a lot of things you probably took for granted when waking up today, like being able to see the sun shine through your window, being able to eat a hot breakfast, and then go for a nice jog outside. What seems ordinary to us are luxuries to the juveniles locked up in correctional facilities all over the world.

MyDay/YourDay is a short video that shows the difference between a prisoner’s average day and our own. Using a split screen, the video follows the average activities of an inmate while comparing it to the average day of a free person. Produced by U.K. film company My Pockets, the footage and music was entirely put together by inmates between the ages of 16-19. “The prisoners wanted to make a film that acted as a deterrent to young people who might take the same path they did,” says My Pockets founder Peter Snelling. “They wanted to focus on the everyday things that make prison life hard. The things that you might not think about but are actually the most difficult.”

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