DMA’s: “Laced”

Australian trio DMA’s (Doctorate of Musical Arts? Direct Memory Access?) just released their debut self-titled EP and are now back with more material. “Laced” is one of the two A-sides on a new 7″ coming out next month following “So We Know.” The track has a ’90s britpop feel with jangly guitars, classic pop melodies, and a fresh-faced cynicism. It’s got the bombast of U2 mixed with the cool aesthetic of Oasis. Where “So We Know” was slow and contemplative, “Laced” is a rollicking pop track. Together, they show DMA’s talent with memorable melodies and poetic lyrics.

The “So We Know”/”Laced” single will be released on November 14 via I Oh You, and you can pre-order the vinyl here.

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