SKYLR: “Devil”

Chicago newcomer SKYLR is here with her debut single, “Devil.” Inspired by Erik Larson’s Devil in the White City, the track is about an obsessive unrequited love. SKYLR mixes pop melodies, RnB delivery, and trap-tinged electro-pop production to create a unique sound. The thick layers of buzzing synths and skittering hi-hats give “Devil” a tense, almost claustrophobic feeling that goes well with the narrator’s manic mood. The singer/songwriter describes: “While she knows that her love for him will be the death of her, she’s still not willing to let it go. But it’s more than just a twisted tale of love, it’s about the never-ending battle within all of us between good and evil.”

For now, there seems to be no plans for a more substantial release from SKYLR, but if “Devil” is anything to go by, this is an artist to watch for sure.

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