Jump Into the Steampunk Version of Georgian London in “The Sunken”

Jump Into the Steampunk Version of Georgian London in “The Sunken”

S.C. Green’s novel The Sunken has it all: steampunk, monsters that devour human flesh, a vampire king, and of course, dragons.

The novel begins with a man named Nicholas Thorne returning to the Engine Ward, a neighborhood in London known for its coal and steel. He begins to work with his childhood friend, an engineer named Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but begins to worry when his pal starts to succumb to the allure of power his engineering gifts bring him.

To make matters worse, swamp dragons are attacking en masse and King George III wants Brunel to create a wall to keep them out. However, he’s also building an army of “Sunken” too—men who have had their minds and bodies twisted so that they crave human flesh. Now, it’s up to Brunel and Nicholas to stop the Mad King from siccing the Sunken on the innocent people of London.

Thanks to the well-rounded characters and engaging plot, Green’s novel like a fresh breath of air in the world of YA. Gone is the usual love triangle that is found in so many novels, and the novel definitely isn’t a Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones rip-off either. While the tone can be threatening and there are a few dark parts in The Sunken, Green makes sure to interject some vibrant and lively scenes as well, just to keep the readers’ spirits up.

The Sunken is not a “feel-good” novel. Instead, the novel explores the struggles that we all go through and the consequences of the choices we make as we go through life.

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