Inspect Your Priorities in “Papers, Please”

Inspect Your Priorities in “Papers, Please”

I know what you’ve been thinking. “Man, when will someone make a game in which you play an immigration inspector in a communist state, and you have to support your hungry, cold, sick, and generally struggling family?” Yeah, me too.

Well, game developer Lucas Pope has answered our prayers with Papers, PleaseIt is your job to peruse passports, work visas, and other documents, making sure all the information lines up, and rejecting or detaining any suspect individuals. It’s more difficult than it sounds, especially since the regulations add up, forcing you to verify more documents and data. Not to mention that you have to move people through the line quickly enough so that you can make enough money to feed your family. It is a game largely about priorities and doing what needs to be done to survive. Do you spend today’s income on heating, or medicine for your sick son? These are the kinds of questions you’ll have to answer.

(Editor’s Note: We played this game earlier this week, and this was what happened.)

Papers, Please was released last week for PC and Mac, and a free beta version is available to download from the developer’s website.

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