Lighten a Dark World in Indie Platformer “Candlelight” (Because You’re Playing a Candle)

Joking aside, Candlelight is overflowing with charm. Some strange darkness has gone around the world extinguishing your fellow candles, leaving you alone to brave the wilds and relight your friends. If it sounds a bit like a movie for 10 year olds, well, I’d watch that movie.

Instead of health, you’re given a wax meter that slowly depletes. Once you run out of wax, your light goes out and it’s game over. Luckily, some helpful soul has left giant globs of wax everywhere for you to collect as you jump from platform to platform. Your health isn’t the only thing to worry about though. The environment, full of wind that can snuff your flames or ice that extinguishes you completely, poses hazards of its own, and let’s not even get into the occasional ice monster roaming the grounds.

Luckily, your brave, intrepid candle self is more than equal to these tasks, despite lacking the ability to grasp anything and being constantly subject to the whims of nature. Nature and TNT, I should say, because someone keeps leaving piles of dynamite in between rivers of lava.

Brimming with whimsy and a certain goofy, creepy charm, Candlelight is a pleasant, vaguely old school platformer that I’d love to see more of these days.

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