Get Your Scare on With K.Z. Morano’s “100 Nightmares”

Get Your Scare on With K.Z. Morano’s “100 Nightmares”

This Halloween, if you want to sink your teeth into a delightfully scary story, then make sure you pick up a copy of K.Z. Morano’s 100 Nightmares. The book contains 100 stories, each of which are written in 100 words, and is accompanied by some truly spectacular illustrations. Morano’s almost poetical stories will leave you shaking as you encounter a mother who, in a fit of insanity, murders her new baby by placing the child in the oven, twisted fairy tales, and creatures that hail from Japanese folklore.

No two stories are alike, and the diverse range shows off just how skillful Morano is with her writing. Plus, the fact that the stories are short is perfect for readers who don’t want to slog through a long-winded novel just for a few ineffective literary scares. Instead, Morano’s stories are bite-sized and are perfect for a quick read on Halloween night.

Thanks to her masterful phrasing and wonderfully chilling imagination, 100 Nightmares will delight any fan of horror and the supernatural.

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