Grouper’s “Made of Air” Is 11 Minutes of Zen-Like Tranquility

I’ve been a fan of Grouper (Liz Harris) for years, and her latest release, Ruins, is one of her strongest. Grouper has a knack for creating long ambient tracks that flow in and out like the wind. Her style doesn’t always hit the mark (sometimes it’s a little too meandering), but when it does, the result is amazing. “Made of Air,” the last track on Ruins, is an 11-minute long instrumental track. Its accompanying video, directed by Paul Clipson, emphasizes the dreamy character of the song, focusing on black and white shots of nature spliced with surrealistic shots of buildings, eye balls, and other random objects. It’s a hypnotic experience that sucks you in with a calming and slightly uncomfortable journey through the zen-like serenity of the mind. A look through Gibson’s portfolio reveals that these “hypnotic nature videos” are kind of his thing. On a rainy day, I recommend watching all his work–on full-screen mode, of course.

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