Can You Throw the Perfect Tea Party in “Tea Party Simulator 2014″?

After wading through several hours’ worth of explosions, jump scares, and monsters, don’t you ever just want to sit down and relax? Take a break from saving Thedas or Skyrim to sip a cup of piping hot tea? Well, here to answer your no doubt fervent prayers comes Tea Party Simulator 2014, which is…a tea party simulator made in the year 2014.

But just because it’s a tea party doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Your party guest might be a teddy bear, but it’s got quite an acerbic tongue and has no compunctions informing you about when and how you’ve erred. Screw up too many times and the text informs you that your guest has left. Sometimes the text tells you the guest was only a little displeased and was gunned down after only a small rampage to vent its anger.

Yeah. The game’s kind of weird. But when it comes to indie games, “weird” is often the rule, not the exception, and Tea Party Simulator 2014 is a surprisingly fun–and surprisingly stressful–time waster for the gamer who really, really wants to virtualize their tea-drinking.

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