MOVIE: “Tusk Vegas”

While current music continues borrowing from the ’80s, one thing musicians often leave out when recycling the sound is its playfulness. It’s supposed to be fun! Oingo Boingo wasn’t scowling into his floppy disk when singing “Weird Science.” It’s like current musicians didn’t get the memo.

Not the case with MOVIE. With only two official singles out, these 22 year olds from South London are carving out quite the niche for themselves. “Tusk Vegas,” a single taken from their EP, effortlessly creates a hyper-colored world of Miami Vice suits, cocked eyebrows, and mischievous behavior. It’s somehow devilishly clever without being clever at all, but above all things it’s fun. I dare you to listen to this and not smile. I’m waiting.

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  1. Shane Sebastian

    Wow. Great Song! Excellent guitar playing. Reminds me a little of Thin Lizzy, but just very little. Have their own style.


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