“Boy Goes to Space” Is a Short, Dream-Like Experience

“Boy Goes to Space” Is a Short, Dream-Like Experience

Boy Goes to Space starts out as a dreamy, atmospheric swing set simulator, but things get weird pretty fast. The boy in question does indeed go to space, launching off the swings and breaking into the atmosphere as a rocket ship swirls around him and then expels him. The black and white graphics are replaced by color little by little, finally exploding into a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors that swirl around the minimalist hero.

Boy Goes to Space is an odd experience. It only lasts a few minutes but it combines humor and whimsy with a touch of wistfulness. The developers freely admit that it’s meant to serve as a distraction from work, adding a little message at the end reminding you to get back to your desk and be productive. And if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up and a moment for your brain to step out of the office and soar, Boy Goes to Space is more than happy to restart itself and send you back into space.

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