Watch Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” Come to Life Through Animation

It’s a fact that every student in high school would beam with happiness when their English teacher announced they would be watching a film on the projector instead of doing the usual reading. I’m normally a book-before-the-movie preacher, but in the case of The Old Man and the Sea, the classic by Ernest Hemingway, I find myself telling people to read the book or watch the film (in any order).

The short animated film, which shares the title of the original novel, was created by Russian artist Aleksandr Petrov and was released in 1999 after a production period that took place in Montreal. The film stands out because of its unique style of animation, which is rarely seen in use today since it’s incredibly difficult (paint on glass). The plot is the same as Hemingway’s story, but the finesse and beauty of the animation gives it such a unique and rare feeling that you’ll forget you already know what’s going to happen.

As you immerse yourself into this magnificent award-winning short film and listen to its haunting soundtrack,  you’ll be transported to another world. Let the magic of the moving images take you to a place full of winds and salt and the feeling that perhaps your life has just begun.

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