Gunslinging and Necromancy Abound in “Back”

Gunslinging and Necromancy Abound in “Back”

From the wickedly funny and highly original minds of writer KC Green (Gunshow) and artist Anthony Clark (Nedroid) comes Back, a cryptic comic about, as the creators describe, “the end of the world”.

Set in a strange world that is a mash-up of supernatural fantasy and high-action wild west, Back tells the story of Abigail. Recently brought back from the dead with no recollection of who or what she was before her interment, Abigail is charged by a group of meddling witches to fulfill a vague destiny and bring about the apocalypse.  However, things are not as straightforward as they seem, as Abigail’s destiny seems to have already been altered by her untimely death at the hands of a mysterious king, and her journey to end the world may be much more difficult than she anticipated.

Back combines a unique and deceptively cute art style with gorgeous coloring to create an immersive world, a highly entertaining narrative, and a distinct style that is all it’s own.  Abigail is the straight-talking, hard-hitting, and completely endearing action heroine that fans of westerns can’t help but adore.  Her mission is still a mystery, but as proven by Green’s masterful writing and Clark’s nuanced visual worldbuilding, there is more to this story than meets the eye.

Even though Back is still just starting with barely 50 pages, I highly recommend webcomics fans to start reading now, as this story is already off to a great start and will only continue to get better.  If you like strange worlds and stranger characters, if you like hilarious comedy and witty repartee, if you’re just looking for something slightly creepy and surprisingly delightful, look no further than Back.

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