Better Books: Because Sometimes You Just Need a Summary

Better Books: Because Sometimes You Just Need a Summary

Sometimes you just need someone to spell out what a book is really about, or maybe sometimes you just need some literary humor. Chances are you have seen a few of these Better Book Titles book covers around, but here is the whole collection on one blog.  What Better Book Titles does is pretty self explanatory: The titles of famous books are changed and placed on their covers to summarize what is actually happening in the story with a comedic, lovingly mocking slant. Better Book Titles has been getting a lot of press lately, and for good reason.  The titles are really funny most of the time and occasionally poignant.  Another great thing about this blog is that it not only offers these great little tidbits of literary humor but various other forms of literary humor, and who doesn’t love literary humor?

Better Book Titles also have a podcast called LoveSexDeath and Books, so check that out too.

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