Saving Zoey: Rescue Your Younger Sister From the Haunted House Before It’s Too Late

Saving Zoey: Rescue Your Younger Sister From the Haunted House Before It’s Too Late

Kelly, determined to prove her younger sister Zoey wrong about being “the worst,” agrees to spend the night on a haunted house tour together. Things are proceeding as normal–Kelly too jaded and adult to be scared while Zoey trembles and shrieks–and then suddenly the lights go out, Zoey flees, and when the lights come back up, Kelly has to find who kidnapped her sister and why. Only, of course, the haunted house is actually haunted, and what may have taken Zoey may not be mortal…

I know. You’re all shocked.

Sarcasm aside, Saving Zoey is an incredible entry for Asylum Jam 2014. A decision-based visual novel, it stars Kelly as the abrasive blue-haired protagonist who’s determined to save her younger sister and ends up combing through the deeply saturated but no less creepy hallways of a haunted house where the dead bodies might be real. (They are. They are real. Let’s not fool ourselves.)

Saving Zoey is far more interactive than I expected from a visual novel, with some nice touches like a panic meter that kicks into play a few times and the occasional ability to move a beam of light around to search the corners. It’s gory and violent, but the closest the game gets to making you cringe is when Kelly is given the option to put her hand in a bucket of intestines (which haunted house worker Blake assures us is fake…yeah right, buddy). However, the constant whispering in the soundtrack is sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck rise, and if nothing else, the sheer level of immersion that the game manages to conjure up will have you rooting for Kelly and fearing for Zoey’s safety. And there’s no way you can play through once and not try and unlock all six endings after.

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