Get Ready to Make Some Magic in New Web Series “MisSpelled”

MisSpelled is a new web series surrounding four modern witches. Unlike the pasty-white cast of Harry Potter, American Horror Story: Coven or The Witches of East End, the cast is actually pretty diverse, which is remarkable in a society that lives to whitewash the media.

In the official trailer, the five young women attempt to bring a young man back from the dead. However, unlike the self-assured Fiona from Coven, these witches are clueless about their powers and it’s clear they’re afraid the spell won’t work. Despite their fears, it’s obvious from the way one of the witches was telekinetically levitating her iPhone that their powers are growing, even if they are afraid to acknowledge that fact. Their fears could be what is holding them back, although they remain steadfast in their desire to bring the young man back to life.

If you’re bored of the bland witches in television shows such as The Vampire Diaries or if you are simply looking for a new series that makes sure to cast diverse actors, then make sure you follow the exploits of the modern but clueless witches on MisSpelled!

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