Sound Becomes Sculpture in Clark’s Hypnotic Video “Winter Linn”

“Clark is one of the very few people I’d do mushrooms with,” says director Christopher Hewitt. “I love him that much.” That probably doesn’t sound too off the mark after watching Clark‘s latest video for “Winter Linn,” the lead single off his recently released self-titled album. I’ve been listening to Clark since college, and although there have been ups and downs throughout his career (his last album, Fantasm Planes, was a courageous but boring disaster), he’s consistently proven that’s he’s not afraid to take risks, particularly when it comes to slowing things down and creating hard-hitting music with emotional depth. “Winter Linn” is the type of song that knocks you over with its darkness. In the video, Hewitt “travels from birth to death manipulating three dimensional images of organic life juxtaposed with religious icons, frenetically viewed through 360 degrees.” A truly hypnotic experience.

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