Russian Red: “Cigarettes”

When it comes to scraping your heart, music tends to be the one art form that digs the deepest, especially when the melody brings something to your ear that simply clicks. One of those songs that makes me infinitely melancholic (in the most delicious way possible) is Russian Red‘s “Cigarettes.”

The surprise is that Russian Red is actually the stage name of Spaniard Lourdes Hernandez, a young woman that for personal reasons prefers to sing in English rather than her native tongue. Her music is best described as indie or folk, a fact strengthened by her named musical influences, most notably Canadian songstress Feist. With “Cigarettes,” Russian Red accomplishes everything she sets out to do with her music, and perhaps even more.

The sense of lingering nostalgia for things you haven’t done, the fleeting sadness and romantic flows that peak in her voice, they combine to make an exquisite melody that, though short, will occupy a big space in your library.

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