Wander Through a Dream World in Frank Watson’s “The Dollhouse Mirror”

Wander Through a Dream World in Frank Watson’s “The Dollhouse Mirror”

Frank Watson’s poetry collection The Dollhouse Mirror is a beautifully crafted journey through the whimsical. Each poem invites the reader to step into a dark fantasy world ruled by the abstract—in each one, the subject is never identified beyond using words such as “she,” “you,” or even “the little girl,” all of which is designed to make you think about the message Watson is trying to convey. Much of his fantastical imagery is based off Tarot cards, so the archetypal metaphors found within his work make it easy for the reader to easily insert themselves into the poem and get wrapped up in the rich language.

However, many of Watson’s poems revolve around love and death. The darker pieces are reminiscent of dreams that continue to haunt you long after you wake up. There’s a sense of foreboding in his rhyme scheme, which leaves you wondering what ominous fate awaits the subject at the end of the poem.

Despite the fact that The Dollhouse Mirror is tinged with an air of mystery and delves into the mystical, Watson uses plain language and keeps his poems short—no more than seven lines—to ensure he’ll keep your attention as he brings new insight to the nature of human emotions.

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