Sybil: A Look Back at the Most Famous Case of Multiple Personality Disorder

Hit ’70s TV movie and bestselling book Sybil introduced multiple personality disorder to popular culture. Based on a true story about a young woman with 16 different personalities, the story made multiple personality disorder the new darling of the psychiatric community despite its doubts from critics. As diagnoses for the disorder skyrocketed, others wondered if the public was being misled by overzealous psychologists who were misdiagnosing patients.

This fascinating video produced by The New York Times delves into the history and misconceptions behind the most famous case of multiple personality disorder (now simply referred to as dissociative personality disorder these days). The video asks the question if Sybil might have just been an impressionable hysteric instead of a sufferer of MPD. The video interviews several experts who have conflicting theories, but the real truth is inevitably left up to us. Regardless of what you believe, the controversy continues to shape how we think about mental disorders.

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