Fight Misogyny With Slam Poet Kendra Urdang

Slam poet Kendra Urdang’s performance of her proactive piece “To Every Man Who Never Called Himself a Feminist” calls out the hypocrisy of the patriarchal and incredibly misogynistic society that we live in today. In the poem, Urdang points out that many men (and women) are in denial that “boys next door” could rape women and insist on perpetuating the lies that rapists are scary strangers lurking in dark alleyways for their next victim. Urdang then notes that much of the misogyny in our society stems from the belief that white males are “better” than women. She then calls out all the men who sexually harass women on the street by using slur words and the hypocrisy of their moral politics.

In the end, Urdang urges men to help fight the patriarchy by standing with feminists and speaking out when they see misogyny by telling their friends not to catcall, by ending the victim-blaming of rape victims, and also by putting a stop to the “boys will be boys” culture that seems so inherent in our society.

“To Every Man Who Never Called Himself a Feminist” is a blunt poem that will hopefully be a clarion call for men and women of all ages to remove the blinders from their eyes and start changing society for the better.

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