“The Seraphim Prophecies,” a Fantasy Short Film About Mysterious Powers

In the short film The Seraphim Prophecies, a young woman unleashes an ancient power.

The opening scene features a young woman sketching in the woods by a tree carved with mysterious sigils. As the redheaded teenager paints on the tree, light erupts from the symbols and she reaches out to touch the trunk with one hand. Making a quick pit stop home, the heroine grabs her dog and a mysterious box before running up a hill towards a carved stonework figure on a hill. Inside the chest are blue stones, which she uses to summon a glowing angel. The film ends with the angel turning into a terrifying horned monster who grabs the teenager. She winds up disappearing, although it’s left for the audience to decide whether or not the young woman was killed or was simply transferred to another dimension.

The Seraphim Prophecies is a haunting short that will leave you wondering what happened to the heroine and hoping that Mac Mave Studios will shoot a sequel!

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