Indie vs. PewDiePie: Fun to Play, Fun to Watch

Indie vs. PewDiePie: Fun to Play, Fun to Watch

Love him or hate him (and many people hate him), you can’t deny that PewDiePie has had a profound effect on let’s plays and walkthroughs. This year he hosted a game jam called Indie vs. PewDiePie around the theme “fun to play, fun to watch.” While I haven’t played all 700+ entries, two of them–I’m Pretty Sure It’s Haunted and Video Game: The Game–were definitely fun to play.

I’m Pretty Sure It’s Haunted is loaded with memes and Internet jokes from the past decade, making the focus of the game less about the gameplay and more about seeing what you recognize. Prove to your dumb friend that the haunted house isn’t haunted by bringing out an object that will prove it to him. Of course, clicking the wrong object or letting your courage meter deplete results in a messy and gory death, but no worries, bro, because you come back to life right away. It’s weird, it’s pretty easy, it’s super funny–a good way to kill 10 minutes and pat yourself on the back for spotting the references.

Video Game: The Game is ridiculous. Shoot everything, collect everything, win the game, be flooded in a screen full of boobs–all delivered with the high-pitched frenetic energy of an infomercial on speed. The game lasts less than a minute with a narrator screaming in your ear. A satirical parody of video games, Video Game: The Game makes you laugh at just how accurate its summation of video games is.

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