Meet the Krampus: Demons That Come Out to Scare Children Every Christmas

While everyone has heard of Santa Claus, not many have heard of the Krampus, a legendary mountain demon who visits cities once a year and steals away bad children on December 5.

Every Christmas in Austria, there’s a parade called the Krampuslauf Graz where natives and tourists alike can watch a horde of Krampuses march through the streets, terrifying all who gaze on them. However, these aren’t quickly thrown-together Halloween costumes—each piece is professionally made. From the glowing eyes to the blood-spattered demonic wings, the actors do an excellent job portraying St. Nicholas’s diabolical helpers.

Despite the cold, the crowd looks forward to the parade every year, with children and adults alike squirming with glee (or crying from fright) every time a Krampus singles them out. This is much cooler than the dumb tree lighting ceremonies we have here.

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