“The Vineyard” Takes Existentialism to Spiritual Heights

“The Vineyard” Takes Existentialism to Spiritual Heights

Michael C. Hurley’s novel The Vineyard is a reflective piece on the mysteries of fate. The three main characters are the wealthy Dory Delano, the skeptical Turner Graham, and the mourning Charlotte Harris. They have been best friends since college and decide to reunite in Martha’s Vineyard. However, while Dory struggles with her responsibilities, Charlotte makes plans to commit suicide in order to be reunited with her daughter Madeline. Thanks to a bizarre twist of fate in the form of a reclusive fisherman, Charlotte has a new reason to live. Meanwhile, even though Turner is skeptical about the so-called miracles that seem to follow the mysterious fisherman, she decides to write about the events on her blog.

The Vineyard delves deep into the depths of human spirituality and frailty. From Charlotte’s grief to Dory’s reticence to take up the family business, each character is incredibly relatable and their backstories will tug on your heartstrings. Plus, there’s an enthralling mystery wrapped up in the plot as well. Readers will eagerly devour the pages in order to find out who—or what—the mysterious fisherman is and why miracles seem to take place around him as well.

Inevitably, the book is about the importance of female friendship. Despite the rocky rollercoaster ride that has been their life for the past ten years, there’s still a strong bond between the three women that holds up even in the face of adversity.

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