Springtime Carnivore: “Sun Went Black”

The first few seconds of “Sun Went Black” are unpredictable. What starts off as a grungy, Alice in Chains-esque bass line explodes into a bubbly indie pop chorus before shrinking back into itself, with vocals disguised under a bed of fuzzy reverb. The erratic nature eventually calms and morphs into a ridiculously catchy pop song, but it’s the uncertainty that initially pulls you in and makes you wonder, “Who the hell is Springtime Carnivore? How come I’ve never heard of her before?”–which is what a good song is supposed to do.

Springtime Carnivore, aka Greta Morgan, is a musician who just dropped her self-titled debut album last month, and at least according to her Facebook bio, seems to have a good sense of humor. Her music is mostly nostalgia tinged indie pop with a few curveballs, which I recommend checking out for yourself.

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