Explore What Lies Beyond in “Demon Street”

Explore What Lies Beyond in “Demon Street”

Picture this: One day, without warning, a street in your town disappears.  It isn’t destroyed, it simply no longer exists, and instead is replaced with the entrance to a strange and dangerous world that humans have come to call “Demon Street.”  Three months ago, thousands of portals like this cropped up across the world and subsequently closed, trapping anyone caught in their path.  Only one opening remains, barricaded behind a wall of refuse and avoided by all–that is until young Sep Maeda takes it upon himself to find out what’s on the other side.

Demon Street by Aliza Layne is, first and foremost, a story about exploration and adventure. Sep’s journey is fueled exclusively by curiosity but grows more complex with the addition of his hard-hitting, monster-fighting companion Raina, a girl on a mission to find her missing family after Demon Street took the place of their home. Along the way they meet the friendly and frightening inhabitants of this world, including other children who have ventured into Demon Street in search of their own quests. And lurking beneath the vivid colors and murky shadows of this fantastical realm, a creature known only as “The Name-Eater” stirs.

Vibrant, funny, and thrilling, Demon Street takes the “show-not-tell” style of worldbuilding to a whole new level, crafting a glorious adventure through a wealth of environments, societies, and innumerable perils. Layne’s writing style perfectly accents the youth of her protagonists, as well as the weight unexpectedly laid upon them. Raina and Sep are in grade school, and even with all their cleverness and courage, Layne never lets the reader forget how truly vulnerable these children are, or the dangers that they face.

Demon Street is a joy to read, brimming with rich imagination and sensitivity.  The comic currently updates Mondays and Thursdays.

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