Feminist Gabriela Ramirez Takes on Misogynistic Catcallers at TEDTalks

Bold feminist Gabriela Ramirez discusses how misogynistic beliefs in our society are at the root of the catcalling problem during a TEDTalk at the DaVinci School in 2013. She begins by defining the word “misogyny” before launching into a hair-raising tongue-lash at street harassers who think it’s a-okay to cat-call women. Ramirez points out that we as a society have never learned to respect others, which is why cat-calling is brushed off by the general public as “no big deal” when in fact it’s a huge issue and causes women of all ages to cautiously monitor their surroundings whenever they step outside.

She also adds that one in five women will be victims of sexual assault before the age of 18 and that the abusers were once teenagers who likely started off committing “small” crimes, like cat-calling. From how the media perpetuates harmful stereotypes to how breast cancer campaigns erase living, breathing women, Ramirez’s speech is an evident wake-up call.

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