80 Days: A Steampunk Retelling of the Jules Verne Classic

It’s not hard to apply steampunk to Around the World in Eighty Days, but what might otherwise be a cute re-telling becomes something more in the hands of Inkle Studios. 80 Days is an example of how the interactive fiction medium has revitalized choose-your-own adventure stories.

While technically a type of resource management game, 80 Days asks players to balance not only their finances, inventory, and deadlines, but also their relationship with Phileas Fogg, the adventurer. Help him recover from the stresses of the journey by taking care of his needs, which is impacted by the strength of the relationship between you two.

80 Days doesn’t tell you when you make important choices, which makes the game feel more spontaneous and less like a series of steps along certain routes. The game is loaded with the strange, bizarre and fantastical–remember, this is steampunk after all. So don’t be too surprised by the giant mechanical birds.

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