“Green Arrow: Year One,” the Backstory

“Green Arrow: Year One,” the Backstory

Whether you are a die-hard comic book nerd or a devoted fan who religiously watches the CW’s television show Arrow, you’ll enjoy reading Andy Diggle’s graphic novel Green Arrow: Year OneThe story gives fans the backstory of how bored billionaire Oliver Queen became marooned on an island and turned into the famous superhero, Green Arrow.

Unlike the TV show incarnation of the character, in this comic Oliver decides to take a trip on his yacht after drinking too much at a charity incident, which resulted in him embarrassing himself. Sadly, he becomes marooned on an island and must use a bow and arrow in order to survive. The spoiled billionaire slowly becomes a socially conscious crime fighter after he discovers a band of criminals on the island who are enslaving innocents. Unlike the television show where much of Oliver’s story is told in flashbacks, fans are able to watch the birth of their favorite superhero and see his mistakes instead of only getting brief glimpses of it. A must-read for TV fans.

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