What's on Netflix: Watch Something Besides Another Episode of

What’s on Netflix: Watch Something Besides Another Episode of “Futurama” for Once

Parroting off my Hulu post from yesterday, Netflix has a pretty shoddy movie selection, and finding what to watch can sometimes be a chore. So today I decided to do some searching to see if there was a site that recommended what was good on Netflix Instant. Surprisingly, there were several, so I decided to recommend them all. The first is Instantwatcher, a site that lists all new releases on Netflix Instant by date. You can also sort their lists by rating and popularity. Out of all the “what to watch on Netflix” sites, this one is the most well-known/popular.

Another site is the appropriately titled What’s On Netflix. This site has a simpler layout but works the same as Instantwatcher. There you can check out new releases by date, view lists of the most popular releases and more.

Another site I recommend is Twitch Film’s “New to Netflix” column written by Kurt Halfyard . The writer only recommends titles he likes, so you’re not barraged with a bunch of garbage titles that you have to sort through, which is useful.

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