Wreak Havoc With the Clown Prince of Crime in Web Series “The Joker Blogs”

The popular fan-made webseries The Joker Blogs honors the late Heath Ledger’s memory by exploring what happened to the Joker after he was captured by Batman in Warner Brothers’ hit film The Dark Knight. Acot Scott McClure is absolutely terrifying as the Joker in this found footage-style video. While there is a bit of Ledger in McClure’s incarnation, he also makes the Joker much more unstable and more charming as he attempts to play with Dr. Harleen Quinzel’s mind during his therapy sessions at Arkham Asylum.

It’s clear The Joker Blogs team is a huge fan of the comics. There are a few subtle tidbits thrown in for die-hard DC fans to enjoy. For example, when Dr. Quinzel asks the Joker what his real name is, he responds by telling her that she can call him “Mistah J,” a reference to the future Harley Quinn’s pet name for him in the comics.

Although The Joker Blogs is pretty simplistic at first, its clever use of humor and dark tension allows fans to see a new side of the Clown Prince of Crime without being too dark.

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