“The Domovoi” Tells the Story of a Mysterious Creature and the Hut It Guards

Friend . . . I feel your unease. You shouldn’t think about what could have been, because there aren’t tales we perform the same twice. We’re building new worlds. Even this performance will change—words and images will be different in your memories than when you first heard them.

Doesn’t that comfort you?

Among a sea of Twine games, The Domovoi stands out. Adapted from folklore, it takes the form of a storyteller speaking to an audience, asking them to choose how the story of a mysterious creature known as the domovoi ends. It opens in the middle of winter as a domovoi negotiates with a spider that has come in to escape the cold, but the spider is not the only guest the domovoi has that night, nor is she the most dangerous.

It helps that The Domovoi is beautifully and carefully illustrated, evoking the illusion of darkness and candlelight. There’s a strange sense of intimacy in its choice of narration as the game speaks directly to the player that lends itself well to this reinterpretation of oral storytelling.

Play The Domovoi. Then play it again.

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