“Plus One” Goes Backstage Into the World of Show Business

“Plus One” Goes Backstage Into the World of Show Business

Although the majority of Christopher Noxon’s hilarious novel Plus One dives into the world of show business, the real heart and soul of the story is the struggle to keep a marriage afloat when one spouse suddenly becomes famous. The novel focuses on Alex Sherman-Zicklin, a mid-level marketing executive. When his wife lands a television pilot that makes her famous and wins her an Emmy, he has to navigate their new high profile Hollywood lifestyle while also finding a way to keep their marriage afloat.

Instead of being a macho hero, Alex is a fairly lovable character who starts off by getting himself into a few hijinxs when he becomes a stay-at-home dad. There are some cute family bonding moments as Alex slowly learns to become more confident in his new role and manages to figure out how to balance grocery shopping, taking care of the children, and writing a novel based off of his wild days in a punk rock band when he was younger. It’s nice to see a male character take on a traditionally feminine role and not squawk about it too much or, even worse, see it as a threat to his beloved masculinity. Overall, Plus One explores the world of Hollywood and modern relationships with hysterical insight and funny comedic moments.

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