Secrets Agent: A

Secrets Agent: A “Warm” Gaming Experience

Loosely categorized as a “warm” game–as opposed to a cool, fashionable, trendy, or epic one–Secrets Agent is a game that feels, well, warm. Cozy. Comfortable. Start out your morning with a quick 10-minute playthrough.

Developer Jonathon Kittaka writes that the game was largely an exercise in improvisation, letting him air out some of his thoughts about games and voice overs and puzzles. There’s something intimate about his musings as he helps you guide your little secret agent character through the puzzles, but also something a little disconcerting.

Short as it is, Secrets Agent is a strange experience. While technically a puzzle game, it has almost no challenge, seeing as how the voice over provides the exact solution for every obstacle.

Soft Chambers describes “warm games” as games that embrace and nurture the player, providing positive escapism and emphasizing the development of relationships between the designer and player. In that regard, Secrets Agent succeeds admirably. Games aren’t necessarily about the challenge, after all, but the experience; once you remove the problem-solving aspect and allow the developer’s voice to guide you through the house, the game feels restful and relaxing, almost soothing.

So if you’re looking for a very different kind of gaming experience, check out Secrets Agent.

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