Marriage: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures

Marriage: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures

Amber Dusick’s hilarious graphic novel Marriage: Illustrated With Crappy Pictures is a loving account of the weird quirks that we develop when in a committed relationship. While everyone regales “the single life,” Dusick embraces the weirdness and the laughs that come with having a spouse. From side-eying their personal hygiene to having to make joint financial decisions and deal with dietary quirks, she reassures readers that both they and their partner are not weird, and yes, other couples are dealing with similar issues, too.

Dusick’s observations and illustrations are a breath of fresh air. She takes out much of the stress involved with trying to have a happy marriage by reminding you to accept your spouse’s quirks instead of becoming frustrated by them. While her easy, breezy, and humorous writing style may seem superficial at first, a closer look shows you Dusick actually has plenty of insightful commentary about learning to live as a married pair rather than as a couple who is in a long-term relationship. Through wit and humor, Marriage honors the quirky qualities found in all of us.

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