Naut: Spend Your Lunch Break Driving Through Mars

Naut: Spend Your Lunch Break Driving Through Mars

Open-world exploration games aren’t usually my cup of tea, but Naut is definitely a winner. Naut opens with a shot of an astronaut standing on the porch of a house on Mars. From there, drive or walk or run through a soft pink, purple and red landscape.

Naut is one of those types of games that will undoubtedly provoke some questions about what exactly constitutes a game. It’s a little eerie sometimes, especially when you find your neighbors who only have cryptic or nonsensical things to say. (“You should cut your hair.” Thanks, dude; I’m wearing a helmet.) Then the sun sets and you’re back to appreciating the simplistic loveliness of the graphics.

The effect is somewhat ruined, though, by the glitchiness and suddenness of plants and rocks appearing out of the landscape to flip your car. But for stretches of time that go uninterrupted, you can slowly cruise through Mars and see what another planet has to offer.

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