Discover Ancient Mysteries in the Funny Animated Short “The Egyptian Pyramids”

The short animated French film The Egyptian Pyramids revolves around a bumbling French Egyptologist in the 1920s making the discovery of a lifetime. While the Egyptologist’s camel chews lazily on a pen, the heroic explorer unearths a gorgeous blue stela that chirps almost like a car key. Much to his surprise, the pyramid behind him starts to move and reveals a giant temple of a Pharaoh.

There’s a hilarious moment when the explorer enters the pyramid and his mischievous camel buddy immediately grabs the remote control. As he chews, the temple transforms from that of a human face into that of an animal’s. Of course, the camel immediately swallows the remote control so that the temple disappears once again beneath the sands. Luckily, the bumbling explorer manages to escape and crash lands into the pit he originally excavated from. As the pyramid returns to normal, the two friends glance at each other in wonder.

This lighthearted movie has no dialogue, but it doesn’t need any. The animation is superb and the characters speak fluently to one another with their body language and facial expressions.

The film also pokes fun at conspiracy theorists who believe that aliens built the pyramids. However, as fate would have it, that proof is destroyed and so the conspiracy theorists would live to argue another day.

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