Magic, Murder, and Mayhem Reign in “The Zig Zag Girl”

Magic, Murder, and Mayhem Reign in “The Zig Zag Girl”

Elly Griffiths’ compelling novel The Zig Zag Girl takes readers on a wild ride full of mayhem, magic, and murder in the 1950s.

Edgar Stephens is a detective who is reminded of an old magic trick called “The Zig Zag Girl” when he finds the body of a young woman who has been killed. He teams up with the inventor of the trick, who just happens to be his old army buddy Max Mephisto. Together, the two men must try to stop a killer who might just have ties to the shadowy group that they served in called “The Magic Men” before the murderer strikes again.

Griffiths expertly weaves together Edgar’s past and present into one fascinating mystery that will have readers hooked from the very start. Plus, there’s a well-rounded cast of quirky characters whose vibrant personalities fill the pages as well. Whether it is Max, who loves being a magician but is aware that the world is collapsing around him, or the gruff army men from Edgar’s past, each person feels as real to reader as their own family. Capturing both the vibrant qualities of the theater community while also expertly capturing its dark side, Griffiths creates a world where nothing is as it truly appears to be.

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