Metronomy: “Reservoir”

There’s no excuse not to know who Metronomy is. The indie-electronic band has a personal sound and is known for their fantastic singles and covers of other famous artists. A perfect example of their quirky, laid-back style of music is their song “Reservoir” from their 2014 album Love Letters. The single has such an uplifting beat that it’s impossible to not start harmoniously snapping your fingers and smiling like an idiot (albeit a happy idiot).

The accompanying music video is an animated joy-ride and a suitable counterpart to the music. Made with markers, the video looks like it was made by kids (if they were child geniuses). The video is full of hills and landscapes rich in vivid colors, as well as the band members playing and attempting other shenanigans, all to the cute energy of the song. Take this song as an example of what Metronomy can do and as an introduction to their style of electronic music mixed with mellow lyrics. You should also check out their previous album, The English Riviera, which has the same energy but an entirely different composition.

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