Heroes, Villains, and Citizens Collide in “Batman: Eternal”

Heroes, Villains, and Citizens Collide in “Batman: Eternal”

DC is always looking for new ways to keep their 75-year-old classic character interesting, and Scott Snyder’s comic series Batman: Eternal is one of them. The new series explores the interesting and often tangled connections between ordinary citizens, the heroes that guard Gotham, and the dastardly villains who are a constant thorn in Batman’s side. After Forever Evil, the world looks askance at heroes and is far too mistrusting of their efforts to guard ordinary citizens. In the wake of this incident, there’s some major tension between Batman and his crime-fighting buddies and the always-suspicious Gotham Police Officers. However, all hell breaks loose when some of Gotham’s gangs start a war and it is up to the Dark Knight and the Bat-Family to stop it. The only question is if the police officers will ally themselves with the heroes or hinder their efforts to save their beloved city.

There’s several over-arching plotlines that are expertly woven in Snyder’s Batman: Eternal series, but the one that gives the most weight to the comics is the fact the Jim Gordon is imprisoned for supposedly causing two subway cars to collide, an accident which led to the death of more than 100 people. While some readers might not like the fact that there’s several different plotlines going on at once, it actually works for this comic series because it always keeps you on your toes: one day you’re watching Jim Gordon get sent to prison, and the next you’re observing Batman try to bring the bad guys to justice.

Fortunately, there’s enough action, adventure, and well-rounded characters in Batman: Eternal to keep loyal fans and new readers interested until the next volume.

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