“To the Border Bred,” a Documentary About the Deep Connection Between Shepherds and Border Collies

The heartfelt documentary To the Border Bred by Shadowcat Films explores the deep bond between man’s best friend and the weathered shepherds that employ them as working animals.

The documentary revolves around a breed of dog known as Border Collie and their shepherds who work in Northumberland, Scotland. In the film, they discuss the different aspects of these hardy canines, from raising them as puppies, to how tirelessly they herd sheep, and finally, to the deep bonds of love they have for their owners.

Many of the shepherds interviewed reveal that this is an occupation handed down from generation to generation. Not only do the loyal canines teach them so much about what it’s like to work with sheep, they also display a high level of intelligence and unerring herding instinct that makes them such delightful companions and the crème de la crème of the working world.

The film is currently available on DVD.

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