Listen to Björk’s 1977 Album Recorded When She Was 11

The internet’s been abuzz with all things Bjork this week since the surprise release of her eighth album, Vulnicura. On top of that, later this year MoMA is hosting a Bjork retrospective exhibition chronicling her 20-year career. However, what people might not know (or at least people who aren’t hardcore fans) is that her career started way before her solo debut in 1993. Her “real” debut was in 1977 at the age of 11. Bjork scored a record deal after her piano teacher sent a demo of music to a radio station. The album, appropriately titled Bjork, sold a few thousand copies, enough to go platinum in Iceland. She was asked to make a sophomore album but declined, later revealing in interviews that she was disappointed that she didn’t have enough creative control. However, for a record made by a bunch of hippies in the ’70s, the album is actually really cute. Tracks like “Arabadrengurinn” and “Alta Mira” are infectiously catchy, while tracks like “Jóhannes Kjarval” shows off Bjork’s flute-playing skills. Check out the full thing here.

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