“Birth,” a Short Animation About the Realities of Teenage Pregnancy

The topic of teenage pregnancy is one shrouded in puritanical advice. “Just don’t do it, ever!” is what our parents have been saying, but the lack of healthy conversations about sex only hurts women in the long run. Animator  touches on these topics in her animated short Birth. Baumane has a knack for touching on “taboo” subjects in a way that’s honest, provocative, and refreshingly feminist. Her Teat Beat series is an “explicitly educational” look at sex from a woman’s point of view, and her first feature length film, Rocks in My Pockets, is a funny look at mental illness based off true stories of women in her family.

Birth follows Amina, a 17-year-old girl who just finds out she’s pregnant. Unable to talk about sex or anything adult-like with her mother, she turns to her aunt who tells her a sordid tale about how pregnancy ruined her life. With a dark sense of humor, the short shows the sacrifices women make when they give birth. It’s funny, kind of depressing, but most importantly, real.

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