“Why Am I Dead?: Rebirth” Is an 8-Bit Murder Mystery Involving You

A dark and stormy night…a hotel full of strangers…a scream pierces the air. Someone’s been killed! But who?

Well, you.

Why Am I Dead?: Rebirth is a little old in terms of Flash games (2012! Might as well be the Dark Ages), but it’s been revamped, updated, and rereleased for the masses. It’s a classic whodunit mystery/adventure game revolving around murder. But it might take days for the storm to pass and allow the police to come in and investigate. There’s no time to wait–and surely these hotel guests and workers won’t mind if a restless spirit possesses them to do a little detective work of his own?

Depending on who they think is talking to them, characters respond differently or reveal different things. Finding out the true story of what happened and who stabbed you in the back can take a fair amount of body-hopping. Can you figure it out?

Welcome to the hotel of your afterlife.

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